Personalized Motocross Metal Sign with custom Name, Number, Year & Appearance, Dirt Bike Garage, Vintage Parking Tin Signs - NTB0112B01DP

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Available Product: Metal Sign

Metal Sign

Size: 8 x 12

8 x 12
12 x 18
16 x 24

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This fully customized rusted steel-style sign will make the perfect gift for anyone who wants to commemorate a special place or who has a special message to display. The beautiful steel appearance will look fabulous with any home or office decor.


- Material: made with heavy gauge aluminum, which means they are built to last.

- Size: 8 x 12 inches, 12 x 18 inches & 16 x 24 inches

- Sublimation creates a super tough image that is fused into the surface of the metal making it almost impossible to scratch.

- You can install these signs anywhere indoors or outdoors though we do recommend not placing them in direct sunlight to avoid fading over time.


- Please fill in the required fields and double-check your spelling before purchasing.

- To ensure the best looking, please use standard English only and exclude special characters.

- Click "Preview Your Personalization" to get a glimpse of the wonderful creation you've made before check-out ❤️

Please note: These signs are not textured. Any rust, scratches or other markings are part of the images used to give the sign its aged appearance. The finish is smooth gloss.


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